by Shotgun Friday

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released March 3, 2015

Tony Drewry - vocals, banjo, guitar, kazoo, jug
Adrian "Doc" Cook - vocals, electric washboard, percussion
Matthew Broyles - vocals, guitar
David "Blackie" Graham - upright bass

Dan Benjamin - acoustic guitar on tracks 3-9

Track 1 recorded & mixed by Nick Choate
Track 2 recorded by Nick Choate, mixed by Adam Hill at Ardent Studios
Tracks 3-9 recorded & mixed by Matt Ross-Spang at Sun Studio

Track 1 written by Matthew Broyles (BMI), Tony Drewry & Adrian Cook
Track 2 written by Jason Jackson
Track 3 written by Ralph Mooney & Charles Seals
Track 4 written by Johnny Cash & Gordon Jenkins
Track 5 written by Tony Drewry
Track 6 written by Chris Kay & Michael Kay
Track 7 written by Adrian Cook
Track 8 written by Tony Drewry
Track 9 written by Louis Freese, Lawrence Muggerud & Senen Reyes

Track 2 originally released on the compilation album "Safely Down - The Songs of Jason Jackson"

Tracks 3-9 originally released on the Fish Fry Bingo album "No Sleep Till Memphis"



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Shotgun Friday Fort Worth, Texas

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Track Name: Riverside
I've got a Cadillac with lots of gas in it
Let's go to the riverside
Back seat's big enough for six of us
Just you and me's taking a ride

Way down by the riverside

I've got a gun, let's go shoot something
I've got a gun, let's kill something
Dog or a squirrel, it don't matter
If it keeps moving, we'll shoot it again

Way down by the riverside

I'm going fishing like a good country boy should
With a stick of dynamite in my hand
My baby, she's gonna help me
She keeps her blasting caps in her old snuff can

Way down by the riverside

I don't know how I lived through my childhood
With things blowing up in my face
Me and my baby, we'll get us some young'uns
And we're gonna let 'em do the same damn thing

Way down by the riverside